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Stockholm 23/11
Nytorget 6
Göteborg 23/11
Bee Bar
Stockholm 23/11

Jag bloggar på Skandinaviens största gay- och queercommunity Qruiser. Bli medlem du också!
Zipper Stockholm
The award winning gay nightclub is back!
New look, new location but same wild party!
Don't miss the best reason to be in Stockholm on a Saturday night!
Do you dare to unzip?
Kille, 49, Vasastan
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Micky Friedmann at Zipper!

tobe_sthlm  (uppdaterad av tobe_sthlm)
Ikvälll har vi finbesök: Micky Friedmann & öppet till 05 kvällen till ära..
Madtizzy productions - New York.
Born in Jerusalem, Israel.
Resident: La Demence Brussels, FLY Toronto, Matinee Circuit Festival Barcelona, Angels Zurich.
Genre: Progressive, Tribal, Electro, vocal & Tech House.
Micky Friedmann is now based in Berlin since he joined the ´Berlin Ballet´ as a soloist dancer in 1998.
Micky received his classical and contemporary musical education at the Rubin academy of arts in Jerusalem.
Being exposed to Music & dance from a very young age made an important influence on his future career as DJ/producer.
In 2000, with his first set of used DJ decks, Micky started practicing at home after the long rehearsal days at the ballet.
In 2005, Once ending his career as a professional dancer & choreographer, he started to peruse  his skills as a DJ.
What started as a hobby ´just for fun´, turned into an incredibly successful DJ career, which took off to a national & international level rapidly.
In 2007 Micky signed an exclusive management contract with ´Madtizzy productions´ in New York.
The creative drive that led him from dancer to a choreographer, also paved the path from DJ to a producer.
The collaboration with his DJ colleague and friend Alex Botar led to a fruitful production of club music, working and remixing for artists such as:
Inaya Day, Rebeka Brown, Miz Mony, Jeany Tracy, Jon Jackobson and Ron Perkov.
In the USA and Canada and in Europe Micky Friedmann has become one of most influential new names in the ´Circuit´ scene.
Working together with  DJ´s such as Chus & Ceballos, Tony Moran, Chris Cox, Abel, Offer Nissim, the Freemasons, Juanjo Martin Carlos Gallardo Ivan Gomez & Isaac Escalante
Here are some of the clubs and parties Micky Friedmann has worked with:
The Week Sao Paulo, Alegria New York, Fly Toronto, Parking Montreal, Living Mexico city, Space of Sound Madrid, Matinee Circuit Festival Barcelona, Hustlaball  Berlin & London, Gorgeous I am Rome, La Demence Brussels Supermartxe & Ushuaia Ibiza.
- In June 2007 his compilation ´Instinct – love & pride ´ was produced by EMI records.
Production discography:

- ´Middle of the dance floor´ - Jipsta ( Madtizzy ) 2008.

- ´Never had another love´- Inaya Day ( Madtizzy ) 2008.

- ´Rub´  - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar ( Deepah ) 2009.

- ´If you ever´ - Avri featuring Noam ( Kult) 2009.

- ´Esta Buena´- John Jacobsen  - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar ( Deepah ). 2010.

- It doesn´t matter - Ron Perkov - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar. (Arpee records). 2010.

- SAINT - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar featuring Mizmoni ( Deepah ) 2010.

- ´I try ´ - Lea Loreen ( Madtizzy ) 2011.

- Feel Good - Edson Pride ft Jeanie Tracy - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar - (Epride records) 2011.

- Always there for you - Rony & Giese ft Kelly Hilton - Micky Friedmann Berlin mix - ( Sorry Shoes) 2011

-  Be proud - Ron Perkov - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar. (Arpee records). 2011.

- Jehaaa - Ivan Gomez - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar. (Guareber records). 2011.

- Feel it inside - Carlos Gallardo & Rebeka Brown - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar (Magic workshop) 2012

- La Musika - Ivan Gomez - Micky Friedmann & Alex Botar. (Guareber records). 2012.




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