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Stockholm 24/11

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Ser mig i första hand som människa. Andra hand som man och i tredje hand som bög. Gör inte så mycket väsen om att jag är homosexuell. Men i detta är en bög-blogg på en bög-site så då får man väl vara lite bögaktig när man skriver.
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Darren's Words

cigarbear  (uppdaterad av cigarbear)
I had a fantastic pride week with my team and our guests from Dublin, Brussel and London.
Except for all the friends you gets through rugby, the sport can make big changes in your life. One of our team-mates are leaving us and wrote this these lines in facebook. I must admit I was really touched.
This is the words of Darren:
Hi y'all,
This long post may sound silly but it's truly what i wanna say.
For years, I'm struggling to prove with my friends (even gay friends) that we (gay men) can have strong team bonding and play well in any team sport. Our rugby team is a convincing story that i can now share with my friends when i'm back.
I'm proud of being a part of Berserker and somehow even prouder than being gay. Special thanks to Louise , Simon and Tolga for introducing rugby to me, I've contacted my university team and I will join their practice next week. I'll keep rugby spirit in me!
Thanks all for the last 4 months, knowing your guys gave me an enormous confidence that i decided to talk to my parents about my sexuality when i'm back - a topic that we avoid to discuss for years.
Hope to see you all again, who knows i can see you in Bingham 2014 - even if we're not the same side - what i mean is i keep plan to form the first gay rugby team there.
Och tusen tack!
From your proud member with love,
Thanks Darren for sharing this with us.

Big hugs and the best wishes! We will miss you!

This is a rugby family picture from the last day of Stockholm Pride. Ruggers from four countries together and Darren in front.

Thanks to for all in the team who worked hard for making this week so great.
Thanks to all our guests. We miss you already.

And a special thanks to Stockholm and the weather gods, who made this week close to perfect.

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