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Välkommen hem till mej!

Den här bloggen brukade vara en dagbok, den har fortgått under många år men för tillgänglighetens skull så får det bli en blogg från och med nu. Den beskriver mitt så kallade kulturalternativa leverne och lustar...

For My "non-swed" visitors I would just like to express my welcome and thanx for checking this blog out. It's a cultural and lustful view on life and i hope that you will find something of interest...
Guy, 41, Stockholms län
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Today is Valentines day and my honey has been in my thoughts all day :(
I really feel miserable not being able to be close to him, and on days like theese is feels almost worse when everyone is talkin about how they are going to have romantic dinners or other romantic plans with their loved ones..

We are so far appart that it is impossible and we are in different timezones so that it isn't even possible to talk and say i love you :(
Thank good for emails and twitter so we can cheer up eachother anyway :)

Well i'm living in a positive daze, maybe a little clouded but anyway, we will be together soon and at least I have someone that means incredibly much to me. My baby makes me lift just a little bit off the ground whenever he enters my mind :)


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My baby!

It's been the most awful week in months! :/
Well actually it's been the worst week in seven months to be more exact! :/
Since Wil started working on his new job we hardly spoke at all :(
When he wakes up to go to work i'm still at work and when he gets back home i'm already sleeping so we only have a few minutes in the morning to talk theese days...

Don't think that I've ever looked forward to a weekend as much as I've done this one!
I'm sitting here waiting for it to be midnight and my baby will be coming home :)))
Tomorrow everything will be as usual so we can spend the day catching up :)

I know it will be the same thing all over again on monday but this will just be for a short time thank god!!!!
Otherwise I don't think I could take this!!!! :/

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Vulnerable  (updated by Vulnerable)

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Two days...

Vulnerable  (updated by Vulnerable)
OMG Finally I got som qualtytime with my baby,
I almost died from abstinens yesterday!
Sure we talked a couple of times during the evening yesterday aswell but i need more!!! ;)

I missed my Wil far too much!
He is simply is the most gorgeous man walking on this earth ha ha ha ;)

I felt like time stood still there for a long time but now finally it is time!!!!!
Just two days left or actually one cause this day has already started :)
Wiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))
Tonight my baby has gone through everything regarding my trip so I feel that there is a possibility of making it but Fuck I'm nervous :/
Butterflies are twirling around in my belly, but I feel so happy ;)
Everything feels as if it is in order, I just need to pack my bags and fix a few small things and that's kind of it :)
I can't believe i'm leaving :)))))
-> 2

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The moon is dancing..

Imaginative views of the moon...
I really find it facinating watching the moon, a black clear sky with the moon and the stars.. It is simply beautiful and the most romantic thing that I can think of. It is a moment so wonderful to share with someone you are in love with.
I just liked theese pictures and wanted to share them with you....

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Missing my baby

Vulnerable  (updated by Vulnerable)

”It’s funny how time flies” is an expression we use and usually it fits quite well but right now I feel that time is standing still :/

There are three whole weeks until I’m leaving for my sweetie and I miss him so much right now!  
I want to be in his arms, feel his warmth, his breath and his skin against mine. I want to hear his voice in my ear and to just enjoy his presence…

Starting to feel a bit nervous about the trip though, partly because I’m not used to travelling that far and partly because of all the changes that may very well fuck up on the route. I’m changing planes two times and in the US on top of everything :/
Well I hope that I will have some angels watching over me so I get safely to my baby…

So far it's been four months since i had Wil in my arms but in three weeks I will have my Wil for sure!!!

He is soo good looking in this picture!
I stole it from FB, I only got one pic of him this summer. I better use my camera frequently when i'm over there Glad

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My lovely one

Vulnerable  (updated by Vulnerable)
This evening after Paul left I was feeling a bit lonelyLedsen
I really miss my wonderful boyfriend who is too far away from me Ledsen
Spent most of the night with him on skype but still I miss his touch, his breath and presence...
I know that i'm getting closer and closer to the trip and I will finally be with him again but I want him now!!!!
There is something special about sunday nights because theese are really evenings that you want to spend with that special someone... Kissing and hugging...
I miss you so much baby!Ledsen

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Exciting things happening!

Vulnerable  (updated by Vulnerable)
I really felt that wind of wonderful news coming by yesterday and today i have witnessed another wind of inspiration and maybe i was able to give some input and help with this creative process Glad
I'm really keeping my fingers crossed right now and i will be sitting on pins and needles tomorrow night hoping for the best!!!
Still no winter here in Sweden but there's been talk about stormy weather and winds coming in over the country so it's going to be interesting seeing if it's true or just the regular progosis bullshit Blyg
Well now the time is three o'clock in the morning and I guess that it is definately time for bed Uppspelt

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