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The goal of the blog is to shed some light on POP music and LGBT culture in MENA.
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Filipina Lesbian singer makes history

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
Filipina Lesbian singer Rose Fostanes who is a caretaker for elderly people in Israel was this week voted by the Israeli viewers to win the biggest song competition in Israel this year X-factor Israel.
In the very exciting end of the competition there were only two ladies left Eden Ben Zaken, a young  very talented Israeli singer and Rose Fostanes a middle-aged woman from the Philippines who came to Israel a few years ago to work as a caretaker for elderly people. The money she earns she sends home to support her family being her girlfriend sice over 30 years, Mel, and her sister.However she decided to also try her luck to win fame in the X-factor Israel a show that now how run for more than 22 weeks in Israel. Rose first song in the audition was Shirley Basseys "This is my life" the anthemic gay favorite tune of all time. Rose kept through out the season sing all those powerful and very GAY songs (I love it) like Born this way by Lady Gaga and I who have nothing (by Shirley Bassey) or Bohemian Rapsody (by Queen).
In what other country in the region could two women end up on the first and second place in such a competition as X-factor? In what other country in the region could a female Filipino guest worker be in this position, and in what other country in the region could a lesbian woman win the competition!

Israel is outstanding! Israel is simply the best!!!

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