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Middle East Popculture
En blogg om populärkultur i Mellanöstern med fokus på HBTQ.

The goal of the blog is to shed some light on POP music and LGBT culture in MENA.
Man, 34, Stockholms län
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Oben Budaks gay house från Istanbul

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
Turkisk popmusik brukar vara mycket bra och innehålla väldigt mycket orientalisk rytmer med inslag av technobeats. Den här låten sticker ut med sitt Ibiza house sound.
Låten sjungs av Oben Budaks som är Turkiets första öppet ickeheterosexuella artist,journalist och författare.
Texten till låten Hayat , som betyder "livet" handlar om att livet är kärlek och att alla vill ha kärlek. I musikvideon får vi se vacka vyer av Istanbul och följa med på fest på taket till ett lyxigt hotell där Istanbuls festglada samlats för att dansa sig varma till Hayat. Så klart ser vi fram mot fler videos från Oben Budak.
Text till Hayat  översatt från turkiska till engelska:

"Cevabın Yoksa Belki Soru Soramazsın"

If you don't have an answer, maybe you don’t ask a question.

"Sanırsın Her Şey Baki Yol Alamazsın"

You assume that everything is eternal, you don't move forward.

"Derin Derin Sularda Zor Yıllarda"

Under deep deep waters, in hard years

"Hatırlanırsam Varsın Bu Yollarda"

If I remember then you are in it.

"Belki De Söylenenlerin Hepsi Birden Koca Bir Yalan"

Maybe all the things said are all big lies suddenly

"Gün Yüzü Görmek İyi Gelir Kalk Toparlan Yorulmadan"

It will do good to see sunshine, pull yourself together

"Belki De Sevmeyenlerin Hepsi Birden Delice Pişman"

Maybe all the ones who don't love are all damn regretful suddenly

"İnsanız Elbet Bekleriz Aşk İhtiras Falan Filan"

All of us are human, certainly we look forward to love, passion and stuff.

"Dünden Kalmayım Aşktan Almayın"

I am hangover, don't take me out from love

"Kendim Sallarım Zarlar Şanstır"

I would roll the dice myself. is the chance

"Suçsuz Kalmadım Ortak Olmadım"

I didn't stay innocent, I didn't take a partner

"Mutlu Andayım Hayat Aşktır"

I am in the happy moment, Life is Love

Tags: nöje film & video musik kultur resa

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Dana International looks 4 new girl band

Dana will be spending this spring to find Israel's new girl band in a reality show. This is a promo for the show starting on Sunday
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Filipina Lesbian singer makes history

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
Filipina Lesbian singer Rose Fostanes who is a caretaker for elderly people in Israel was this week voted by the Israeli viewers to win the biggest song competition in Israel this year X-factor Israel.
In the very exciting end of the competition there were only two ladies left Eden Ben Zaken, a young  very talented Israeli singer and Rose Fostanes a middle-aged woman from the Philippines who came to Israel a few years ago to work as a caretaker for elderly people. The money she earns she sends home to support her family being her girlfriend sice over 30 years, Mel, and her sister.However she decided to also try her luck to win fame in the X-factor Israel a show that now how run for more than 22 weeks in Israel. Rose first song in the audition was Shirley Basseys "This is my life" the anthemic gay favorite tune of all time. Rose kept through out the season sing all those powerful and very GAY songs (I love it) like Born this way by Lady Gaga and I who have nothing (by Shirley Bassey) or Bohemian Rapsody (by Queen).
In what other country in the region could two women end up on the first and second place in such a competition as X-factor? In what other country in the region could a female Filipino guest worker be in this position, and in what other country in the region could a lesbian woman win the competition!

Israel is outstanding! Israel is simply the best!!!

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Israeli version of EUPHORIA

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
Loreens "Euphoria" performed in HEBREW by various Israeli artists including openly gay artist Harel Skaat and Israeli Arab winner of this years version of The Voice ISRAEL, Lina Makhoul

Tags: musik

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Bedouin girl will sing at Gay Pride TLV

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
The singer Maya Farhan from a bedouin village in Gallilee in Israel will be one of the main attractions at the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Beach Party. Soon her new video is out in Israel in which she dress up as a guy...
Her summer hit "Burning Love is now climbing the Israeli charts.
The only 17 years old singer was found by Israeli megaproducer HENREE during a visit to a hospital when he saw her singing for her sick mother.
In the new video she is seen at the Tel Aviv  beach and Azireli Towers, significant places representing the modern open vibrant Israel.
Her new video clip will feature scenes from her bedouin home village

Tags: nöje kultur resa

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Idan Matalon wants Peace

Idan Matalon is one of these great gay promoters of Israel out there. He makes funny music vide lip syncing video  and recently released his own song "Love Fest TLV". But he also promotes the coexistence in Israel and with its neighbors here is an open letter:
"Are there Palestinians who want peace as well? I’m sure there are.

Are all the people there only interested in destroying the Jewish people? I’m sure they’re not.

I’m sure they want to have careers, raise families, enjoy life, maybe even travel…
Just like us, just like the people in the south who have bee
n under constant fire for the past 12 years. We all just want to live a peaceful life and enjoy life’s precious gifts.

So the Palestinians were raised differently and consequently they chose a scary, dictatorial terror organization as their ruler. What do they know? I’ll bet the Hamas promised to feed them with a silver spoon.

But just stop for a minute and image that the Palestinian people would have a democratic, peaceful ruler. Their lives would have been completely different – better quality of life, better jobs, community development, etc. If these people would have been given even a little bit of the funds used for warfare right now, don’t you think they would flourish and prosper? Of course they would. Do you think Israel would have a reason to protect its citizens from people like that? Do you think they would have been used as human shields and would have died for nothing? Of course not!!!! And war is an ugly thing that takes the lives of innocent people on both sides!!!! We just want to live our lives in our country in peace.

And what about things right now? As long as a terror organization continues to rule the Palestinian people there can’t ever be peace! I don’t envy them… they have nothing to gain right now… It’s pure stupidity!!!

My name is Idan Matalon, I’m 24 years old and I’m not afraid to say that I’m gay, because I live in the liberal, democratic State of Israel, which is progressive and is focused on protecting its citizens and their well-being. And believe me – I want peace just like most Israelis do. So stop believing the lies of a destructive, dictatorial terror organization, because the people running it will never want peace!"
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Sarit Hadad - Where have you been

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
Sarit Hadad is one of the most beloved Israeli singers  in Israel
She sings in Hebrew, Arabic and English and Turkish!
Here a song in Arabic
and a cover of Rihannas Hit Song "Where have you been"

Tags: musik

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Isabella Scorupco in Heaven in Israel

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
Tonight at 20:00 SVT

Tags: resa

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The winner of Arabvision Israel

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
Ahmed Darwish vann tävlingen Arabvision i Israel och representerar Israel i arabisk version av Eurovision i Marocko senare i år...
Tonight several Israeli TV channel devotes time  for Live Broadcast of Israel's selection to "Aravision" ... an Arabic version of Eurovision, which takes place in Morocco ... Hostess is Mira Awad israeli arab singer and actor who participated in the Eurovision for Israel a few years ago 
Yes this is the Jewish State of Israel ...
Which Arab states would do something similar for their minorities?

Tags: musik

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En kärleksförklaring från Israel

Elivågor  (updated by Elivågor)
En kärleksförklaring från Israel till Sverige
En israelisk gourmet-bloggare skriver kärleksbrev till Sverige, svensk kultur och ABBA och hoppas på bättre relationer mellan Sverige och Israel:
"Hej. Jag heter Ayal.

Jag har alltid älskat Sverige och det sjungande ljudet av det svenska språket. Jag växte upp i ett mångkulturellt hem där mina föräldrar uppfostrade oss att lära oss om olika kulturer och språk. Min mamma drev på mig att lära mig spela piano och även att studera språk. i mitt hjärta har jag en speciell plats för Sverige. När folk frågar mig varför, säger jag att det finns något magiskt med Sverige och jag kan inte förklara varför jag dragits så till detta land genom åren.

När jag var 5 år gammal spelade min mamma en kassett som heter "Hej Gamle Man från ABBA på svenska" - det var min första svenska sång. Jag minns att jag upprepade texten om och om igen och lärde mig den utantill. Jag är verkligen skyldig ABBA ett stort tack för deras musik. Men också tack vare dem studerade jag svenska och fortsatte att lära mig mer om Sverige. Så om du känner någon som känner ABBA -var snäll och säg dem: ABBA, det var värt allt alla dessa år". Tack så mycket.

Genom åren har jag hållit på med att lyssna på svensk musik, träffade nya vänner och studerade svenska var än jag bodde - både i San Francisco och Tel-Aviv. Idag är jag upptagen med att promota Sverige och den svenska kulturen bland mina vänner och i mitt samhälle med en förhoppning om att en dag ska jag landa i Stockholm och bo där."

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